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Coda is an asset management firm and a technology and financial services provider. Every service Coda offers will always be completely FREE to you. Coda profits from asset management and investing. You can profit with us through your Coda Account. Coda strives to provide the very best financial products and services to our clients.

Coda Account

Your Coda Account is a cash management account with similar features to checking, savings, and investment accounts under a single product. Coda Accounts automatically invest in Coda Estates real estate to provide 100s X the returns of standard savings accounts. Coda splits 49% company equity ownership to Coda accounts based on account value. With ownership of 1% you'll receive certain ownership benefits.

All deposited funds in Coda Accounts are safe and insured by Coda as a company.

Interest profits are credited weekly.

Interest Statistics

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Coda Accounts


Your interest rate is variable but stable and adapts with the performance of the markets. Total assets under management by Coda, $undefinedK.

Coda Card coming soon

Coda Card is a debit card attached to your Coda Account, conveniently providing liquidity to enjoy instant access to your funds and profits. Coda Card also grants you exclusive access to Coda Estates.

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Coda Pay

Pay, accept, request, and schedule standard or recurring card or ACH bank transfers for any use case from tenant rent collection to donations. Coda uses Coda Pay to collect rents from Coda Estates.

You decide who pays transaction processing fees.



Text to pay coming soon

Coda Estates coming soon

Coda invests in land development and real estate by building affordable hotel-like smart apartments that integrate with Coda systems to elevate your lifestyle and change the way you use housing. Coda Estates apartments contain many smart home automation features including smart lock, security, thermostat, lighting, appliances, and a voice assistant.

Coda doesn't use leases, but instead a hotel pricing model. Pay as you stay daily or weekly from within your Coda Account.


Progressive Web Apps are the future of applications. Our PWA does not need updated and gives you instant access to Coda. Experience Coda better with our PWA. Follow the pop-up prompt instructions to download Coda.


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